The Best Condensation Removal Services

in Somerset

Choose Somerset Damp Proofing for best-in-class condensation and mould removal services. Our specialists use advanced techniques to target mould and condensation before eliminating it at the source. Our services are some of the best around, so call us now to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

Solving the Problem

We use a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system. This is an ideal, discreet method of solving mould issues and preventing the build-up of condensation (the main cause of mould). The low-energy, non-intrusive PIV systems we utilise provide constant air change around your house. We consider them to be the most up-to-date, professional method of dealing with damp issues.

The unit is designed to help ventilate a home using the well-established Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle.

PIV units have been preventing and curing condensation dampness related problems in homes for decades. They are also used to control other indoor air pollutants and have even proven to be an effective means for reducing Radon gas in some properties.

Maintaining the Solution

We're able to take care of the full supply, installation, and ongoing maintenance for our PIV systems. You'll never have to worry about the condition of your PIV system when you choose our all-inclusive, professional assistance.

Eradicating Condensation

With improvements to insulation and draught-proofing, condensation has become a major problem in the home. Contributing factors, such as drying laundry on radiators and a lack of natural ventilation, have led to increased condensation problems. This often leads to the growth of black mould. Mould is not only unsightly, but is also detrimental to our health. Not to mention, it can cause costly damage to clothing, furnishings, and timber. Speak with our damp-proofing experts to find out more.

Mould Getting out of Hand?

When you need condensation and mould removal that work quickly, choose us.

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