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Rising Damp

Beat Rising Damp with Damp Treatments in Somerset

Don't live with the negative consequences of rising damp. Instead, turn to the effective damp treatments offered by Somerset Damp Proofing. Based in Winscombe, Avon, our team is on hand to provide the assistance you need in a timely, professional manner.

Ugly and Dangerous

Rising damp is not just unsightly. It's potentially harmful to your health. Not to mention, rising damp leads to the devastating decay of timber and the presence of mould. It also causes heat loss - a result of the conductivity of damp walls. In short, rising damp could be hurting your wallet and your health.

Identifying Rising Damp

It's often possible to identify rising damp visually in the first instance. Typical signs include:

• A Damp Patch and Staining on the Wall up to 1 Metre Above Ground Level
• Wallpaper Peeling from the Wall
• Black Mould Growing Above the Skirting Line
• Rotting Skirting Boards

Wall Rot

The Solution

The plaster on affected walls will need to be removed to a level of at least 1200mm above ground. Then, a chemical damp proofing course must be applied. The walls must then be re-rendered with two coats of waterproof render before being plastered. Walls must be allowed to dry thoroughly before re-decoration takes place.

Additional Services

In addition to rectifying rising damp, our team is also skilled in the elimination of condensation. It's condensation that causes many instances of damp. Our assistance will help you to treat the problem at the source.

Contact us today, in Winscombe, Avon, to fight rising damp with our proven damp treatments.